ProVision Team

ProVision Executive

Working in conjunction with ProVision’s Board of Directors, ProVision’s CEO leads our strategic and innovation agenda to ensure you have the business services and products you need to remain competitive and profitable.

Steven Johnston, ProVision CEO
Steven Johnston, ProVision CEO

Business Coaches and Retail Operations

ProVision’s largest team, led by ProVision’s Retail Operations Managers Julie Hocking and Kate Hall consists of 7 highly qualified and experienced Business Coaches located in five Australian states. They exclusively coach Comprehensive Program members and their teams across all areas of retail operations to drive your business growth objectives.

Julie Hocking, Retail Operations Manager
Kate Hall, Regional Operations Manager
Glen Fickling, ProVision Business Coach
Jim Colley, ProVision Business Coach
Karen Harmsen, Business Coach
Kelvin Bartholomeusz, Business Coach
Margarida Faustino, Business Coach
Joanne Scott Dostine, Business Coach
Julius Malony, ProVision Business Coach


ProVision’s Marketing team is dedicated to helping you successfully market your practice in your local area by providing quarterly consumer-facing retail campaigns, developing new marketing initiatives for your online marketing resource, ProMarket, and providing advice and marketing development at an individual practice level. In-house graphic designers provide cost-effective design services for your practice.

Euan McDonald Madden, ProVision Marketing Executive
Shannon Browning, ProVision senior graphic designer
Bronwyn Oster, Senior Graphic Designer
Melissa Lee, Local Area Marketing Coordinator
Carly McClen


ProVision’s Merchandise Manager negotiates favourable product discounts, trading terms and business building benefits for your practice across 27 Supplier Partners of frames, lenses, contact lenses and accessories and manages ProVision’s exclusive frame and contact lens brand offering. This department also provides assistance with inventory planning and range selection, as well as category development strategies.

Education and Human Resources

Our Education and Human Resources team provide you with opportunities to up skill you and your team with our online ProLearnMAX platform and an industry leading education calendar consisting of 8 face-to face courses Australia wide. They can also assist with any operational human resources queries and recruitment, having filled over 200 positions leveraging the latest recruitment technology Express 3 in the last 18 months.

Kylie Parry, ProVision People & Culture Advisor
Alicia Mugshot

Business Development

The Business Development team has a strong track record of saving ProVision members money and relieving the anxiety of lease negotiations by helping you to minimise increases and negotiate favourable commercial terms. They also assist with sale and purchase of practices, as well as shop fit advice, having assisted with many shop fitouts over the past few years.

Business Systems

The Business Systems team facilitates innovative ProVision technology and systems, managing ProSupply, the largest frame database for online ordering in Australia, and ProShop, a cost effective e-commerce solution to help you appeal to the modern shopper.


The Finance team consolidates your supplier billing into one monthly statement to provide efficiencies for your practice and Supplier Partners. Financial business advice with ProVision’s Finance Manager can also be accessed confidentially.

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