Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

ProVision’s vision, mission are core values do not simply exist on paper.

We actively live and breathe them, and constantly refer to them to guide our strategies, everyday decisions and behaviours. They are regularly reviewed by our whole team to ensure we remain relevant and focused on the right outcomes for you.


A thriving future for independent optometry.


To make ProVision practices relevant to consumers and their businesses sustainable.

Core Values


  • Put our members at the core of every decision that we make and action that we take
  • Be inquisitive to ensure that we fully understand member needs – take the time to empathise with them
  • Make it: easier, faster, lower cost, or increase sales for members
  • Always meet our agreed timelines with members – internal deadlines can usually be changed


  • Lead without a title – everyone has the authority to lead
  • Be friendly, respectful and apply the same rules to all team members – behave consistently
  • Demonstrate awareness of your mood and manage your emotions and actions accordingly
  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and have the courage to tactfully call out inappropriate behaviours
  • Have difficult conversations when they are required and take action when necessary
  • Recognise the contribution of others


  • Eliminate triangles – issues must be sorted out between the parties involved or escalated to the next line of management
  • Do not engage in destructive behaviours: rumours, complaining, blaming, MSU
  • Come from a good place to respectfully give and receive feedback based on facts – not opinions
  • Encourage healthy discussion to leverage the collective experience of the team
  • Create space for quieter team members to contribute
  • Offer assistance when your colleague needs help
  • Have fun and celebrate team and individual success


  • Challenge the status quo and be open to change
  • Constantly ask ourselves and each other if there is a need to do something or there is a way that it can be done better
  • Evaluate options before agreeing on the solution
  • Consider how the innovation will impact on members before getting too far down the track
  • Occasional failure will be accepted as a by product of progress


  • Aim to be the best possible version of you by doing what you say you are going to do and constantly aspiring to improve
  • Strive to deliver the best possible outcome for members – ordinary is not our standard
  • Go the extra mile when required
  • Measure our results against ‘best practice’ and internal benchmarks and seek feedback to improve even further



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