Recruitment in Optometry

ProVision boosts
recruitment support

More than half of our members identified staff recruitment and retention as their top challenge in a recent membership survey.

According to Survey Matters, which conducted the survey on behalf of ProVision, 57% of respondents highlighted it as their biggest concern.

To assist with short- to medium-term optometrist placement, ProVision has welcomed two new referral partners, Locumly and Eyecare Recruitment, to the network.

These partners offer preferential rates for members and will help attract strong candidates to practice teams.

The tight labour market last year meant it was challenging to attract applicants to key optometry positions, but it is now seeing a shift in the number of skilled and unskilled applicants for roles in the first few months of 2023.

ProVision has welcomed two new referral partners to assist with short- to medium-term optometrist placement.
ProVision has welcomed two new referral partners to assist with short- to medium-term optometrist placement.

For securing highly skilled roles, the challenge remains.

The trend was also shared by several major retailers at the Australian Retailers Association (ARA) Leaders Forum held last week (22 February) in Sydney, which ProVision attended.

ProVision people and culture manager Ms Leanne Jackson believes the network is pleased to see a real lift in the number of applications and is not necessarily finding that metropolitan areas are more attractive than regional offerings.

“However, the challenge remains currently for highly skilled roles being matched to relevant experience.”

To help overcome the challenge, ProVision is actively posting job openings through industry and broader market recruitment platforms, interviewing and shortlisting candidates, and referring candidates with relevant transferable skills and cultural fit.

The organisation also provides members with position descriptions across several practice roles, as well as interview techniques and suggested interview questions, and communicates with applicants through the recruitment process to keep them informed about their progress.

Complimentary ARA membership, which is granted to all ProVision members, further helps with creating compliant employment contracts.

To make your practice more appealing, practices are advised to refine their Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

“As part of their recruitment efforts, practices are advised to refine their Employee Value Proposition (EVP). An EVP outlines the benefits and rewards an employee can expect from the practice, and is a helpful tool in retaining staff and making the practice more appealing to potential new hires,” ProVision said.

Get Expert Help

Recruitment can be overwhelming, and you may find relief in outsourcing to a recruiting partner like ProVision. ProVision members are entitled to access our professional recruitment service, which helps practices at every stage of the journey – from crafting a compelling position description and employer value proposition, to advertising the role across a broad network of jobs boards and screening applicants against strict criteria.

In 2023, ProVision launched a candidate noticeboard where both graduates and seasoned professionals can register their interest in optometry employment. If you’re looking for a great candidate, you may find they’re already in our talent list waiting for the right opportunity!

To learn more about recruiting with ProVision and accessing our candidate pool, reach out to us at or register your interest below or visit the careers page below.

This article first appeared in Insight Magazine and has been republished with permission.