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Over the past five years, ProVision has invested heavily in a concentrated roll out of exclusive, industry-first systems. All ProVision members are provided exclusive access to ProSupply, ProMarket, ProShop and ProLearn.


A more efficient way to order products

  • One website gives you access to the largest frame database in Australia – over 24,000 frames, representing over 200 brands and 19 Supplier Partners
  • Over 20,000 Supply and Fit frame options that can be shipped direct to your preferred laboratory from CR Surfacing, Essilor, General Optical, Hoya, Jack Chapman or Rodenstock, saving you time, freight and reducing turnaround
  • Maximise your sales opportunities by keeping a display frame on the shelf and fulfil your customer orders through ProSupply, giving you a cash-flow benefit by reducing your stock holding
  • Guest mode provides an in-practice sales tool to offer your clients an extended frame range, with pricing and ordering details hidden


Overall 60-65% of our frame mix is Supply & Fit. This ensures we have the right number of frames in a range of price points. We are able to have the best sellers on the shelf all the time. We have better stock management, we have minimal aged stock and minimal surplus stock issues. On most occasions we have a finished product in our business within 1 to 5 days, and we have reduced our postage and freight expenses. Tiffany Hancock, Practice Manager, Gulf & Ranges Optometrists, SA


Customised local area marketing made easy

  • World class local area marketing website designed to elevate your brand and business
  • End to end ordering and distribution system for all your customer communications, saving you time and delivering marketing cost efficiency
  • Choose from over 300 professionally designed templates to distribute campaign and targeted messaging, recalls, reactivation communications and more across multiple mediums
  • Supports a multi-channel marketing approach by offering print, email and SMS templates
  • Your brand automatically integrates into each template so it is always personalised, promoting your unique practice identity.
  • Simply upload your target list and the rest is done for you by ProVision’s ProMarket print, email and SMS distribution partner


ProMarket is absolutely first class. The quality of marketing materials that are made available as part of our ProVision membership, are beautifully crafted and incredibly well thought out. The ideas behind the marketing campaigns have allowed us to drive our business forward without the worry of thinking up the marketing ideas ourselves. Of particular importance is the ease of use of ProMarket which allows simple access to bulk mail-out, email and text messages which supports the campaigns. Claire and Ben Park, 20/20 Eyewear, QLD



A world-class e-commerce system for your practice

  • Your online store with your own branding that is linked to your website
  • You are the direct contact for customer queries and your practice validates the optical orders and online shoppers are encouraged to pick up in your practice for expert fitting
  • ProShop is primarily designed to assist with customer retention and driving additional value through convenience, choice, quality and incremental opportunities
  • ProShop offers online browsers a well-designed customer journey, latest e-tailing design and 360 degree imagery
  • ProVision assists with marketing strategy and tools to optimise your online success





Learning anywhere, anytime

  • ProVision’s online education portal providing you and your staff access to education and training anywhere, anytime.
  • Includes 16 0nline courses with content expanding every year, including optical essentials, customer service, WOW patient journey, marketing, social media, and culture
  • All face to face education courses are produced into video tutorials you can watch at your own pace on ProLearnMAX
  • ProLearnMAX can add value to your practice by assisting you to achieve your staff and management development objectives

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