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ProVision was solely created to help independent optometrists like you, remain competitive and profitable in the face of increasing competition. We believe that eyecare is best delivered in a full-scope independent environment, and that practices need to continually innovate in order to remain relevant to consumers. With ProVision, we have all the quality ingredients to help you do just that, whilst proudly supporting your independence. Importantly, we also reinvest 100% of our income into services to provide you with greater value over time.
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Strength in numbers

ProVision is the preferred optometrist support model in Australia, attracting record membership with over 20% growth in the past 5 years.  The collective power of 460+ member practices continues to enhance our ability to bring you a compelling value proposition, with innovative services and specialised support. In addition, you will feel part of a larger community that offers the fellowship of like-minded optometrists. You don’t have to take our word for it, find out what your peers are saying about ProVision’s support.
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Whole of business support

ProVision offers you the most comprehensive level of business support available in the Australian marketplace. Our breadth and quality of professional services are what sets us so clearly apart from any other model. We offer quality ingredients for your business success including extensive expertise, market leading advice and resources across key practice management areas to improve your business.
Our Business Support


Our people

Leverage from 30 business experts with extensive experience across multiple business disciplines, including Business Coaches and Retail Operations, Marketing, Merchandise, Education, Human Resources, Business Development, Business Systems, and Finance. ProVision’s team are passionate about helping your practice thrive. Our people are our best asset, and they can become yours too.
Our People


Our systems

ProVision has invested heavily in industry-first systems to help you gain a competitive advantage, and we will continue to embrace technology to help you streamline your processes and ensure you remain relevant to changing consumer demands.
Our Systems


Our education

ProVision offers you and your team industry-leading education focused on upskilling your team in multiple areas of business management, customer experience, best-practice dispensing and introductory optical training. We do this through face to face education, ProLearnMAX online learning, webinars and ProVision’s national conference.
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