Sally Doyle, Optometrist and owner of Fitzroy North Eye Centre, joined ProVision almost 12 years ago on the recommendation of a colleague. In her own words:

At the time, I wasn’t convinced that ProVision could assist me and my practice. How wrong I was!

How has ProVision assisted you in your business?

“Over the years my ProVision membership has been one of the most beneficial aspects of my business. I have used nearly every department, especially over the past 12 months.

We recently relocated our practice as we had outgrown the space. The new practice was only 50 metres from the previous location. Graeme Schneider, ProVision’s Business Development Manager, was instrumental in helping me find the new practice location.

Reny Frighetto, ProVision’s HR & Education Manager, has simply been amazing in assisting with recruiting new staff including interviewing potential employees and documenting staff contracts. Following a staff resignation last year, I had a job listed on SEEK and first interviews were conducted within 3 days of briefing Reny via email. Reny has also provided support in contract development and wages comparisons.

The marketing team have worked with my Business Coach to ensure I have the most relevant message and materials to promote my practice. I particularly love the A-Frame that Richard Datko helped develop. We have a fresh, new unified look and feel with our marketing materials and this helps us present our practice in a positive and fun way to our clientele.

We have also made extensive use of ProVision’s education courses. The courses play a key role in the personal development of our staff. I believe we need to continually strive to improve and learn new information. We have made the most of the ProVision face to face education highlighted by attending the inspirational day with Lisa McInnes-Smith and the AICE course presented by Rob Ellis on providing WOW customer experiences.

How has your Business Coach contributed to your success?

Jason Bowen is our Business Coach. He has a thorough understanding of our business and has spent many hours working in, and on, our business.

Jason understands how we work and the services we provide. He has made some great suggestions to improve the flow of the practice, making it easier for staff and patients. I am able to discuss any new ideas with Jason as well as obtain invaluable advice on ensuring that all staff are productive and happy. He has worked on improving staff knowledge and culture change. This has involved his active participation in one on one discussions, attending our staff meetings, assisting with staff training and generally bringing a very positive attitude to the practice when he visits.

Jason has also brought a keen focus on our results and how we can continue to improve our revenue while maintaining excellent customer service. Business and marketing planning have been very beneficial, especially when we relocated to the new premises. Jason’s suggestions have assisted us in producing new support materials for the practice.

He is also our conduit with ProVision’s marketing department. We now have our Why Choose Us, a new A-Frame with multiple messages, a new patient folder and a new parent/teacher flyer to support our kids vision.

Jason’s involvement throughout the relocation can’t be overstated, specifically helping us drive communication to our client data base, development of a relocation mailer and organising an open day with suppliers.

What’s next?

The introduction of new technology and expanding our practice on the web. In particular, we are about to embark on our next opportunity of increasing our reach to our clientele by introducing ProShop – ProVision’s world class on line e-commerce solution.

I’m very excited to continue our strong relationship with ProVision and the role they continue to play in helping me sustain and grow my business.